Up Until Now...

Hi all
So I've been gone for a few weeks, and I won't go into too many details. All I will say is it's revision/essay/dissertation season and I've been buried under work that I'm meant to be doing.
But at last Spring has come and to honour this I went shopping. This was a couple of weeks ago and you have already seen some of these items in my last OOTD but I thought to show it all together anyway. 
Beauty products wise, I've been trying to experiment more with lip colour etc so I bought another Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick and a few other bits and bobs to keep things interesting. I have to say I'm loving all these new purchases especially my sneaker wedges, I literally wear them everywhere.
Anywhow expect more from me this month, I have a spring look book coming up with a few outfits I'm going to be wearing this season and other stuff too.

B x