Got It Nailed!

 I was bored the other day and I realised it's been too long since I did anything with my nails so I went to my nail polish box and pulled out this bright blue colour and got to work. I was inspired (very) loosely by the anime series Avatar: The Last Airbender hence the Chinese symbols I drew on. I've been obsessed with the show these past few weeks, I think it's the perfect excuse to procrastinate and delay writing my many essays that are due soon. Plus I did it with the hope that if I pained my nails bright enough spring would appear sooner, and it may have worked because the sun was shining today.
Also I'm sure you already know but GFC is closing on 1 July so if want to keep up on my writings click on the bloglovin' link on the right and I'll love you forever :)



  1. I love the silver! I have been wanting to get a color like that!