The Sharpest Lives are the Deadliest to Lead!

I bought sneaker wedges finally! I was never really impressed by this type of shoe when the first came out, I thought the deciders of trends where overreaching a bit by taking the sporty route. But then a couple of weeks ago that I saw them on Trendy Teal that I knew I had to have them. I spent hours scouring the internet but didn't find ones I was happy with until a spur of the moment trip into town on Thursday brought these babies into my life.The sneaker element in these is more covert which I like because the overall effect is more subtle, so thank you H&M.
This is the first look I styled for them and it's as casual as can be, because I had to navigate train platforms with heavy bags and such for my journey home yesterday. 
And now that I am home I woke up to devastating (for me) news, that my all time favourite band My Chemical Romance from my school days has broken up and I'm just broken up (get it?) about it. I've been listening to some of their music all morning hence the title, which is inspired by one of my favourite songs. 

On another note is it just my area or has anyone else seen snow when it's now officially spring? What the hell England!

Lots of Love


Got It Nailed!

 I was bored the other day and I realised it's been too long since I did anything with my nails so I went to my nail polish box and pulled out this bright blue colour and got to work. I was inspired (very) loosely by the anime series Avatar: The Last Airbender hence the Chinese symbols I drew on. I've been obsessed with the show these past few weeks, I think it's the perfect excuse to procrastinate and delay writing my many essays that are due soon. Plus I did it with the hope that if I pained my nails bright enough spring would appear sooner, and it may have worked because the sun was shining today.
Also I'm sure you already know but GFC is closing on 1 July so if want to keep up on my writings click on the bloglovin' link on the right and I'll love you forever :)



One, Two, Monochrome!

This week can only be described as the most hectic week of my 3rd year life. I've been rushing around trying to find participants for my dissertation experiment and it's been hell, anyway with all this in mind I have been dressing more-so to be comfortable than anything else. This isn't too different to how I normally dress but I didn't want to add unnecessary flare especially when I was to be lugging my 3kg laptop around the uni. And what is easier than monochrome, everything about it is understated and simple but still cutting edge and dare I say I think I pulled it off well.
All that aside, it'll be Easter soon and I can't wait to head off home and have my family around me again. I'm looking forward to my big comfy bed and my mom's cooking the most but I still have a week left before I'm back at the nest.
Have you got any plans for the Easter holidays?



Flower Power

Dress: ASOS, Jumper: H&M, Bag: eBay, Shoes: New Look
Well here's to hoping for more sunny days. After a never-ending onslaught of cloudy days, the sun finally came out and I took full advantage. I pulled a summery dress out of my wardrobe and hoped off to lectures all the while hoping that it wouldn't rain. I toned it down with the jumper because whilst it was sunny its completely spring yet.
Anyhow most of my days have been filled with stressing out about my dissertation and watching TV and yesterday I finally got a chance to see The Dark Knight Rises. My housemate lent it to me and I can see why everyone was raving about it, it was so amazing. If you haven't seen it yet I recommend you do, it will be a very enjoyable 3 hours of your life. 
Am I the only one dying for spring to rear its its little head, I feel like it's cold forever...