For The Love of Burgundy

Everything I Am Wearing Is from New Look, what a coincidence!
To say I have been a little absent lately is an understatement, did anyone miss me? No, ok.
Well I thought to show you an outfit I wore out the other evening to celebrate the end of exams. My friends and I went clubbing and I danced my little heart heart, it was so much fun.
I have only just recently embraced the oxblood trend, and I must say I can't get enough. Without trying to sounding conceited,I really believe this colour suits me. I think it boils down to me suiting more muted shaes as opposed to primary colours. 
I'm not really normally one for shorts but I'm trying to branch out a bit more with my wardrobe, especially with spring around the corner (I say as we are knee deep in snow *optimism or what*)

What new things are you trying this spring?


Always Late to the Party...

I bought this skirt in the boxing day sales for cheaps and I just love the print on it even though it might not be season appropriate. I think it just brightens up anything you wear especially around winter when it's dreary and miserable outside. The shoes I got from my friend recently as a birthday present and I can't get enough of the animal print detail at the bottom.
 This coming year I want to take my style to the next level because I know in 2012 I spent the better majority of my time in jeans and t-shirts. And while there is nothing wrong with this I do think its time to step up my game so brace yourself for my future attempts of being creative my my wardrobe.
Finally, for the coming year I made myself broad resolutions that may or may not affect the blog depending on my success.
I plan to:
Be more adventurous by saying yes to more things. I realise that I'm only 21 but lately i feel like I have the mindset of a sixty year old where my idea of a good time is a night in with a cup of tea and a good book. I just want to take advantage of my final year of university to enjoy life because I know once I finish I'll be expected to actually act like a grown-up.
Get fitter which of course is one of the most typical resolutions which everyone forgets about after a week but I am serious in my vow to take better care of my body by eating better and moving more.
Get work experience so my CV can kick ass. I'm doing a psychology degree and I need something that'll make me stand out when I do approach the working world - I'm starting to sound like a grown-up already :(
Pass my degree, which is a no-brainer really. I need to get a 2:1 if I a actually want to use my degree, anything less is just not an option so I will be burying my nose in my books from now until June whilst hoping and praying for success.

Anyhow, this has been long enough and though I am 5 days late Happy New Years everyone.
What are your plans for the coming year?

B x