Christmas: Student Edition

Hi guys, I hope you're having a good week.
I just wanted to show you our Christmas decorations that we put up yesterday. I know they are not nearly as awesome as the home decorations parents always do but, we were proud of our work haha. I was the designated sellotape assistant and I was running around handing sellotape to everyone so the lights and tinsel could stay up. 
Also check out out amazing advent calendars one my housemates bought us. Mine is the middle one with all the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters, i feel sort of bad for eating one character a day, but they are just so tasty.
Sorry about the bad photography, there is literally no natural lighting in out living room.

Have your decorations gone up yet?


  1. Looks lovely, need to start decorating.

    x Angie

  2. Great! I still need to put mine up!! Our house feels so unchristmassy :) I went to winter wonderland and got so in the mood for Christmas and then came home and it was like it wasn't xmas anymore... I need to get organised, putting them up on Saturday!! Exited

  3. This is so cute, student budget Christmas is pretty cheery though right? Merry Christmas :) xx

  4. so cuuuteee :)