StyleCrush| Winter Coats


I've been spending a lot of time on Tumblr these past few days (as per usual) and the one thing key that seems to have caught my eye is the way everyone seems to be styling their winter coats. And although I already have my winter cape I feel like it's not enough on it's own to get me through the winter months.
After seeing this I have been driving myself crazy looking for a coat that fits what I have in mind. I want it to be stylish, versatile and most of all warm (very essential).

This is all well and good if it was not for the fact that I'm so fussy: I went to the boxing day sales recently and I bypassed all the coats I saw, they were either too ill fitting or too loud and all this did was leave me more determined to find that perfect winter coat. So naturally I came home and went online and did a massive hunt around all my usual haunts and finally I settled on two, with the intention of sending back the one i like the least.
I can't wait till they arrive so I can take my pick :) 
Did you find anything exciting in the boxing day sales?

B x


Merry Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone, I hope you are having a lovely day with your family and friends 
Now my pile of presents was not this big by any means but I thought this was a fitting picture for today.
Happy holidays guys :) x


The Most Basic OOTD

Jumper: H&M, Jeans: Topshop, Necklace: New Look, Ring: New Look, Boots: River Island, Earrings: River Island 

This is what I wore when my parents came to take me home from university. I kept it pretty simple so I was comfortable enough to shift my things from the house in to the car it worked out pretty well. the journey was pretty standard and we made it home in a couple of hours. 
I've been home for about a week now and I am loving it. I've been wearing cozy things and eating home cooked food in true homesick-child fashion.
For now though  I'm just ready and waiting for Christmas so I can get even more festive :)

On another topic who else is happy the world didn't end today?
B x



So I have been a little quiet recently, I don't know if anyone noticed. 
The reason is because I have just had an insane amount of of coursework to get through. I being the great time waster that I am left it all until last minute and I spent this week panicking. Anyhow it's all over now, back to the post;
On my way back from handing my work in, I stopped in Tesco and got the magazine and chocolate as a little treat. The chocolate is already gone but I'm still making my way through the magazine. I'm liking alright so far but i think I'm more of a Company girl. But this one came with free Nails Inc. polish so it was a must buy. The colour is gorgeous; that statement red that every girl needs in a collection and I like how it looks with my skin tone so I have it on right now. 
Now that I have all this free time I am going to have to catch up with all the things I put off because of work so that means laundry time yaay *insert sarcasm here*

B x


Christmas: Student Edition

Hi guys, I hope you're having a good week.
I just wanted to show you our Christmas decorations that we put up yesterday. I know they are not nearly as awesome as the home decorations parents always do but, we were proud of our work haha. I was the designated sellotape assistant and I was running around handing sellotape to everyone so the lights and tinsel could stay up. 
Also check out out amazing advent calendars one my housemates bought us. Mine is the middle one with all the Mr. Men and Little Miss characters, i feel sort of bad for eating one character a day, but they are just so tasty.
Sorry about the bad photography, there is literally no natural lighting in out living room.

Have your decorations gone up yet?