Happy Birthday To Me

               Blazer: H&M, Cami: Primark, Shorts: New Look, Belt: New Look, Scarf: Mum's

Another year gone, another year older and I suppose at this stage I have to accept that I'm finally an adult even though it doesn't feel like it. For my big two-one birthday I made the trip back home to celebrate with my family and they surprised me with a trip to Brighton. So when I got home I got all packed for the second time and off we went to Brighton for the couple of days. 
There we had a little wander around The Lanes and I loved popping into the shops around there because I don't see a large majority of them where my uni is. But alas they were quite expensive so I couldn't indulge myself too much. Anyhow I had a good time window shopping and enjoying the area, I only wish we'd had more time to look around before it got overly windy and miserable outside. 
And finally after my little home break I came back to uni only to be treated with another birthday cake (the one pictured above) from my housemates. So this week I've definitely had more than my fair share of baked goods and just food in general but I enjoyed myself imensely



  1. Happy birthday girl! Have a great day! Xx


  2. Happy Birthday :) love your scarf

    Tanesha x

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Great look :)