Make-Up: Is it really worth all the effort?

I think that we're all in agreement when we say that make-up is used mostly as a way to enhance the features you already have. For example a little mascara and eyeliner to help your eyes stand out, or maybe some lip gloss. But my question is, when does make-up start to hide your natural features?

I was just watching a couple of make-up tutorials on youtube and it just dawned on me that women are now spending a lot of time and money to make themselves look great to the outside world but not necessarily to themselves. What always shocks me is the stark difference between the before and after footage of someones face when make up comes into play. It just seems to me that people are appearing to not be too concerned about their face's health because it may seem that make-up will fix any apparent blemish they have. Now I may be very old fashioned in my approach to making myself look presentable but I just don't see it being feasible to spend hundreds of pounds on an endless list of products that will make you look great in the public eye, especially not if no one is going to be able to recognize you when you take off your make up at night.

I think women, especially young women, strive to be the best version of themselves in order to appear more desirable to the outside world. Of course there is nothing wrong with this in itself but I think a large percentage are now starting to misinterpret this desire as the need to cake their faces in a thousand products in the name of cosmetology when in reality they don't really need to spend countless hours in front of the mirror contouring their faces to perfection.

Now don't get me wrong I'm just like the next girl and I love make-up for its versatility and it's ability to enhance any outfit but I think in some of case it's all just gotten out of hand. It used to be a simple thing to get ready for an event but now, especially with the rise of the youtube guru I fear that girls may begin to under appreciate or even neglect their natural beauty in favour of something of something that's being market to them by the ever present internet.

I don't know if I have articulated myself very well in this article at all but I hope my thoughts on the issue have been made clear without offending anyone. If anyone reads it to be sure :)
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