In The Middle of Nowhere..

                             Wrestling T-shirt: eBay, Jeans: Topshop, Wedges: New Look, Cross Earrings: Topshop

On the way back to school last weekend. I chose something nice and simple to wear, I chose for comfort (after considering all the boxes I would be helping to shift back into my house for University).
Excuse the busy background, these were taken in the middle of the motorway. Thankfully I have now finished unpacking now so I can start looking forward to freshers week, and can finally start catching up on your blogs :)



                            Johnson's Daily Essentials, hydrating 24 hour Day Cream
                                    Jemma Kidd I-Glamour Define Eyeliner 
                                       Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion with Shea Butter
                                          Mitchum Advance Control Deodorant in Unperfumed

Just a few essentials that needed picking up, and i can't say I'm dissapointed with my purchases - well the ones I've tried anyway.

Johnson's Face Cream:
This is amazing, it has changed how I feel about my face. My face has very sensitive skin and smallest change can wreak havoc on my face. But ever since i started using this my face has had no complaints. This summer my skin had not been as good as it normally is. When I moved back from University my face broke out despite not changing my routine; I could only put it down to the change in water. Anyway I'm still trying to recover from that and this has just fit it with my new face routine and I look forward to using it every morning!

Jemma Kidd eyeliner:
This eyeliner goes on so smooth. It acts a little like a liquid eyeliner to me even though it isn't. I got it in 01 black and it glides on so easily, it's not one of those that you have to go over loads of times before it starts showing, another perk is that it has a 'smudger' on the other side for when you want that smoky look. I'm a big fan of the smoky eye so you won't see me complaining. I'm definitely happy with this.

Dove Shea Butter Lotion:
This smells so nice I can't even...I'm in a bit of a Shea butter phase right now and this just fits in with that. I just love how good it is for your skin and the smell is always a great bonus. This is for dry skin so it's very moisturising for my regular skin.

Mitchum Unperfumed deodorant: 
Well what can I say. It does the job!

And finally:

Nice new boots...because winter is coming!
I got these from New Look and i love the animal print detailing around the top of the shoe. It sold them to me!

Are you looking forward to Autumn 2012, because i certainly am!


A Very Amateur OOTD

Blazer: Thrift, T-shirt: New Look, Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, Shoes: New Look

My first OOTD, this is what I wore to Church this morning. I always try to keep it simple but a little bit dressy (if you could call it that) and i think i did quite well in that regard. 
This is the first time I've worn this blazer since I got it a few weeks ago and i must say I am a great fan. I got it at the thrift store near my work for such a great price I could hardly believe it. Normally I'm not good at thrifting, I just never seem to know how to browse properly and it ruins my mojo so to speak. Anyhow, I think the blue on blue worked quite well together and it's something I'll try to put together more often.